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Drought conditions in Texas and our usual hot weather means that the need for water here is stronger than ever.  Now that people are seeking homes and businesses outside of the urban areas, water must come from other sources than the municipal reservoirs and rivers. Wells must be located and drilled. Texas well drillers will help you find water but there is some uncertainty involved. There are things that need to be considered before the Texas well drillers are called in.

The most important concern is that the water is where it needs to be. A lot of time, effort and expense go into drilling for water. Knowing that the water is there before the Texas well drillers start working will save all of those headaches.

It is also important to know how much water there is in the area that you wish to drill. Will it last through the dry seasons? How much will it yield and how many years will it last? The Houston Chronicle quotes the Texas Water Development Board statistics that say that in Dallas, 213 gallons of water are used daily by the average person. In Houston, it is 134 gallons and in Fort Worth, 149 gallons. How much water will you need?

Knowing that the water is fresh, clean and drinkable is also important. How deep will the Texas well drillers need to go for your well need to yield the best water?

In the past, the only way to find the answers to these questions was to use drilling as the method of exploration. Bring in the drilling crew, point to where you want water to be and hope for the best.  If you are lucky the water will be there, but if it is not, the Texas well drillers will move ten feet over and begin again. Embarrassing for them, and time consuming also, but for you, every foot down is money wasted.

Seismic exploration revolutionized the oil industry since it came into use in the early twentieth century. Oil companies grew rich, but the groundwater drilling industry remained wedded to their antiquated methods. However, this same principle that can find oil underground can find the water too.

The seismic exploration equipment used sees the fluid in the rocks and soil. Electrical signals can be detected by passing a seismic vibration impulse through the layers of rock, sediment and soil. A sharp sound pulse is created which moves down through the porous aquifer and causes an electrical impulse which sends a signal to the surface. Each signal transmits information about the depth, thickness and quality to provide the necessary information about the water that will yield from that site.

Before you hire the Texas well drillers to come to your property and drill for water, you should hire a groundwater surveyor. A good groundwater surveyor that can tell you what is in the ground before you open it up will be more than worth the money spent. American Water Surveyors technique has been revolutionizing drilling for wells in Texas and other areas of the USA as well. All their equipment is in the back of their pickup truck and so is easily accessible to all areas. American Water Surveyors is located at PO Box 164163 Fort Worth Texas 76161-4163. Phone at 877-734-7661. Contact them online at info@wefindwater.com.

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