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Safe drinking water is one of the earth’s most valuable resources. Drinking water can come from a number of sources, but for about 15 percent of Americans, it comes from a private well. Ground water – rain water that doesn’t evaporate into the atmosphere, get used up by plants, or flow into streams or lakes – seeps deep into the ground and fills empty spaces and cracks. Drilled wells access this water to use in areas not located in close proximity to a public drinking water system. In order to construct these types of wells, you can hire a registered or licensed well driller to ensure that the well is constructed properly, that it is located in the right area, and that it is done in the most cost-efficient way to save you money and time.

Proper construction of drilled wells is a crucial element in the process of obtaining safe drinking water. Well drillers follow a precise procedure in order to ensure that drilled wells are constructed correctly.  For a drilled well to serve as a water supply, the well driller must ensure that it penetrates 100 to 400 feet into the bedrock and intersects fractures containing ground water.  The drilling is completed by truck-mounted drilling trucks that drive their way through rock and go well below the water table. The well is cased in six inch metal or plastic pipes that must descend at least 18 feet into the ground, and a cement or clay sealant is then poured along the outside of the casing to prevent surface water from getting into the well. Modern drilled wells commonly use submersible pumps at the bottom of the well, and also contain a pitless adapter that acts as a protective seal against contamination.

Well drillers must also pay attention to the location in which they construct a well. In order to avoid hazards and contamination, the well should be located in such a place that rainwater flows away from it. This is essential, as rainwater can pick up harmful bacteria and chemicals from the land’s surface. If it seeps into your well it could cause potential health problems and contaminate the water.

As for cost-efficiency in choosing the best possible location to build a well, portable equipment  and instruments are available that allows municipalities, farmers and developers to detect water in the ground before spending a large amount of money on drilling. Some important things for well drillers to keep in mind are to know the depth, yield, and suitability of the ground water before drilling. Knowing this information can save money and time.

For those who live outside of urban areas and are without public water supplies, well drillers offer a valuable service. For the best results, they should work alongside a water finding service like We Find Water to first measure information about ground water suitability before drilling wells. This ensures the well is situated in the proper location and costs as little as possible. For access to premiere services in the water finding industry, visit www.wefindwater.com or call 1-877-734-7661 for more information. 

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