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You’ve just bought some acreage and you’re going to build a home, but you need to know where’s the optimum place to drill. American Water Surveyors can help you:
  • Save the expense of running longer water supply lines than are necessary.
  • Ensure you drill where you’ll get the most volume.
  • Determine precisely where to place your home on your property.
  • Avoid drilling any deeper than you need to.
  • Drillers are paid by the foot whether they find water or not. A borehole that yields no water could cost you thousands of dollars.
  • Know precisely where to drill your well. Why drill 300 feet when you may only need to drill 250 feet? At a cost of $35-40 per foot to have a well drilled, your savings could pay for our services.
  • See how to plan for a water well: http://www.wellowner.org/awaterwellbasics/planningforawaterwell.shtml
  • Learn more about proper well construction and safe drinking water: http://www.epa.gov/safewater/privatewells/index2.html
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