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How often do you think about your water? Where does it come from? Water is an essential that we have taken for granted for a long time, but in these times, that luxury is threatened by higher populations, drought conditions and greater demands on a water supply that is used by humans, and the natural world. As the population expands, the groundwater supplies may be depleted, and unfortunately, a lot of that water and the money needed to pay for it is wasted. Texas well drillers are a solution, searching for new sources of water in areas where water was untapped.

Finding new sources of water is a important because the water table becomes depleted as more and more people come to depend on it. How much water do we depend on daily? The average is about 60 gallons of water per day, although with some care, it is possible to reduce that amount. Statistics from the Texas Environmental Almanac show that a major portion of that water, 35%, goes into yard maintenance. Forty-nine percent is used in the bathroom, 26% used to flush and refill the toilet and the other 23% for every thing else we do in there. That means that only 16% is used, on average, for the rest of the household – laundry, kitchen and other cleaning. Installing a low flow showerhead and a more water-efficient toilet can save a great deal of the water used in the bathroom. Recycled water is water that has been treated for reuse and can be used for industrial or landscaping purposes.

Using water will cost money, whether yours comes from the municipal supply or from a private well. In the public water system, water is charged to you by the amount you use with administrative and extra charges on top of that. Ideally, for purposes of conservation, you should be charged less if you use less, providing you with an incentive to conserve.

There are costs involved with owning your own well, although those costs are lessened. Texas well drillers can help to lower those costs even more by ensuring that you know where to find the water before you start to drill. This service will reduce the damage and impact on the water supply as well. Texas well drillers today have access to companies that use sophisticated seismological equipment that lets you know where the water on your property is before you start drilling for it. Most importantly, this technology can tell you whether the property has water before you buy it! It can also tell you how much the future well will yield, how fast it will flow and how long you can expect to keep taking water from your well. In the past, the only way to know whether or not water was present was by guessing and hoping, or by using an ancient and magical technique known as water witching.

It really is important to have a groundwater survey done on the property before you start drilling for the well. Drilling a hole in the ground can cost $30-$40 per foot. Calculate that cost when drilling down to say 800 feet. If you’re going to spend that amount of money, you want to know there is water down there. Hiring the groundwater surveyors before the Texas well drillers will take the guesswork away.

When the ground surveyors and the Texas well drillers have completed your well, there is still some work to be done.  When owning your own well, you are getting the water for free, but don’t neglect the maintenance and replacement costs. The water from your well will not be regulated and can be easily contaminated, so don’t take the water for granted just because you ‘own’ it. Regular maintenance to make sure that nothing can get into the well is necessary and will minimize the effects of any environmental disasters. It is also important to monitor the water in the well. Have it tested once per year so that you know what you are using by top companies like AquaKnow www.aquaknow.com.

Texas well drillers and groundwater surveyors working together can save money and serve the environment. In these times, it is important that all of us be conscientious and work towards preserving and respecting the resources we need to use.  

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