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You bought that new home this summer with the beautiful, matured landscaping. And even you enjoy looking back at your house to admire its wonderful curb appeal. That first 30 days of living in the new neighborhood is bliss—until you get the first water bill. So you freak and you start thinking that maybe moving wasn’t such a good idea.  But once you’re over the initial shock, you begin to realize that a better way to adjust to the new address with its out-of-sight water bill is to contact some water well companies about the cost of drilling a well because once the well is drilled you don’t have to pay a water company to use your own water.

You’re fortunate, because after you have decided to drill a water well Texas is one of the least expensive states to be in when it comes to drilling. Some states are as high as $80-$100 a foot! As a rule of thumb you can count on the cost to run $40-$60 per foot of well construction. Of course Texas well water is not all the same and it could contain heavy concentrations of minerals, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, etc. But assuming it’s relatively low in concentrations it should be safe for the lush and expensive grounds surrounding your Ponderosa. If you will be drinking the water, water wells in Texas can have naturally occurring contaminants as well as man-made, so consider having it tested before consuming. So whether it’s water wells Texas, Oklahoma water wells or wells in other states there are no regulatory requirements forcing you to test you water. But the smart, safe family will take it upon themselves to have their water tested by an independent laboratory to ensure it’s safe. When shopping for a certified lab consider http://www.aquaknow.com.

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